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Hi! My name is Teresa Paz and I am the founder of Paz Digital Marketing. I work as a remote Social Media Manager, Content Creator & Strategist, Content Photographer, and Copywriter in New Jersey, U.S.A.

With Paz Digital Marketing, I have worked with clients from many categories including chefs, modeling agencies, and music academies, just to name a few. I work hard and diligently to help you thrive on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Google Business. I want to show business owners that they can have support, flexibility, and more time to focus on what they truly love doing. 

Paz Digital Marketing strives to help you achieve your professional social media presence. I understand running a business can be challenging and trying to handle all of the responsibilities along with establishing yourself on social media can be difficult. I am here to help take care of the digital world for you! It would be my pleasure to be your Social Media business consultant and help your business reach its maximum potential. Let me help you start growing your business today!

Are you ready to socially level up your business?​

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