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My Journey in Founding a Successful Business as a Digital Creator & Strategist

Paz Digital Marketing

Social Media | Content Creator, Content Strategist, Content Managing, and Copywriter 
Branding | Brand Development, Web Design, Photographer, Videographer, and Editor

My Business

In April 2022, I created Paz Digital Marketing and successfully grew my business to be a

trusting and reputable partner in the growth of multiple entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses around the world.

I have worked with clients from various industries including health coaches, fitness instructors, and event planners, to name a few.

I work hard and diligently to help my clients thrive on platforms, mostly Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Business.

I love what I do and bring enthusiasm and determination to every project I work on.

My Story

How it all started... After working for some time as a social media manager through Fiverr, a popular freelancing platform, I gained a profound appreciation for my work and acknowledged my proficiency in social media management and brand establishment using public relations strategies and creative tactics. ​ As I was handling as many as 5 clients at a time, I discovered the prevalent demand within small businesses for an independent social media manager- someone who is trustworthy and truly understands their business goals, rather than hiring a whole team or company, which can often be quite costly.  Eager to deliver enhanced value to my clients and help them reach their maximum potential, I was driven to create my own business and handle my clients independently, offering a more personalized and finely tailored approach to their specific needs.​

What I Do

I regularly perform the following tasks for my clients... I create elaborate campaign strategies, focusing on bringing awareness to my client's services/products to ultimately increase their sales and reach their maximum potential.  I travel to local clients and shoot photography/videography to batch content I can work with for their social media pages.  I plan all of the social media content on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for my clients months in advance to present to them for their approval and opinions.  I edit video content like Webinars, YouTube videos, TikToks, and Shorts on Adobe Premiere Pro.  I edit photo content like feed posts, advertisements, and brand design work on software like Canva Pro, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom. I prioritize regular online meetings with my clients where we discuss the progress and goals of their business. I also share my insights and analysis of the metrics from the social media pages I manage for them.


I am grateful for these unique achievements... I assisted in an NJ PBS (New Jersey Public Broadcasting Service) episode shooting. I designed new logos, built entire websites, created brand packages, and opened new social media accounts for upstarting businesses.  I designed unique promotional materials such as company banners and specific event flyers for non-profit organization fundraisers, new book releases, holiday menu sales, and more. ​ I created and ran feed giveaway campaigns and periodic highlight story campaigns to push important content out for a client.  I prepared and executed email marketing on the software MailChimp.


"Teresa is amazing to work with. She really gets my vision and all her work aligns with the content I strive to provide to my followers. Since we have been working together, my social media engagement has grown organically, and working with her has given me the freedom to focus on other areas of my business."

Marita, Holistic Health Coach

Mark, Music Producer

“Paz Digital Marketing provided excellent services and even detailed photography for my events. Teresa really cares about her clients succeeding and she helped my business grow even more than I thought it could through social media!”
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